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A collection of News Specials that can help you learn more about addiction.

Screenshot from One Pill: Fighting Fentanyl; the fentanyl crisis, opioid, overdose

One Pill: Fighting the Fentanyl Crisis in Texas

The fentanyl crisis is killing more Texans than ever before. Victims are getting younger and most people don't even know they're taking it. It's extremely easy to overdose on fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, and people are losing their loved ones. They want you to hear their stories so that they can hopefully help save a life and prevent others from going through what they went through. Some of them have formed non-profit organizations to spread the message. You'll also learn more about drug trafficking and how law enforcement is attempting to combat the overdose crisis.
Screenshot from One Life Too Many: The Toll of the Overdose Crisis. A news report about the opioid crisis

One Life Too Many: The Toll of the Overdose Crisis

In this brief news report, paramedics and frontline workers in St. Louis discuss their personal and professional experiences with addiction and the significantly high number of overdoses occurring due to the opioid crisis. They talk about their loved one's addiction and how this impacted their ability to help others. However, they also talk about the importance of recognizing compassion fatigue.
Screenshot from Keloland News Special Report: Opioid Crisis; addiction and recovery

KELOLAND News Special Report: Opioid Crisis

"Over the next hour, we'll share the stories of people overcome by this dangerous addiction, and we'll show you the grief families are going through. We're also taking a look at the local efforts (by doctors and law enforcement) to get ahead of the opioid crisis, and we're looking at local and national resources. We'll let you know what's available, how you can help, and what our community needs."
Screenshot from The Fentanyl Crisis: Stories of Heartbreak and Hope; About the opioid crisis, fentanyl, and overdose

The Fentanyl Crisis: Stories of Heartbreak and Hope

Fentanyl continues to drive overdose deaths in Virginia. Statewide, the synthetic opioid contributed to 76.5% of the 2,656 overdose deaths in 2021, according to the Virginia Department of Health. The community of people who've lost loved ones to the drug is quickly growing, many looking for ways to draw focus to a problem they believe is not getting enough attention.
Screenshot from Inside Canada's Fentanyl Overdose Epidemic; opioid crisis and harm reduction

Inside Canada’s Fentanyl Overdose Epidemic

SBS Dateline (Australia) wants to know what they can learn from the Canadian opioid crisis and the fatality of fentanyl, and use it as a warning for Australians. It discusses (1) why fentanyl kills so many people, (2) how it first came to Canada, (3) the importance of harm reduction services, and (4) programs and support services in place to help people in several different ways.
Screenshot from State of Addiction: What Every Family Needs to Know About Opioids & The Opioid Crisis

State of Addiction (Opioids): What Families Need to Know

This news special discusses the opioid crisis with several individuals, including Mark Wahlberg's brother Jim. You'll be introduced to a brief history of opium and quickly realize that this crisis began with easily accessible prescription medications. You'll also learn some strategies for talking to children about drugs, which is crucial to do given the sheer impact that opioids are having on youth.