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SBS Dateline (Australia) wants to know what they can learn from the Canadian opioid crisis and the fatality of fentanyl, and use it as a warning for Australians. This news investigation discusses (1) why fentanyl kills so many young Canadians, (2) how it first came to Canada, (3) the importance of harm reduction services like supervised consumption sites, and (4) programs and support services in place to help people in several different ways.

Published in 2023

Viewing Time: 24 minutes


“Beneath these postcard views lies the highest rate of fentanyl death in the country. On average, 6 people die here every day from overdose.”

“Ronan died because fentanyl is getting mixed in with other drugs. In Canada, 15-24 year olds are now the fastest growing group being hospitalized for opioid overdose.”

“What they did is they very slowly put fentanyl in their heroin, little by little by little, until they got to the point where they knew you’d be wired for life. It’s very hard to get off of it, I’ve never seen anything like this before, it really grabs ahold of you.”

Screenshot from Inside Canada's Fentanyl Overdose Epidemic; opioid crisis and harm reduction

“It’s simply wrong to say that everyone should stop using drugs – it’s not going to work, it’s never happened in the history of humanity.”


“To try and save as many lives as he can, Hugh helped set up this overdose prevention site. It’s a place where users can do drugs, but under supervision, and get help immediately if they overdose … These facilities have become a frontline to reduce the wave of deadly overdose.”

“Easy to hide, addictive, cheap, and potent, fentanyl has become the perfect cutting agent to improve profit margins on everything from heroin to fake prescription pills.”

Drug User Liberation Front: it’s where a select group of users can find illicit drugs free from contaminants like fentanyl. When people get it frmo us, they’re getting their drugs checked every single time they use.”

Moms Stop the Harm: it’s a nationwide network with over 3000 members, all of whom have lost loved ones to overdose.”

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