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Screenshot from Contaminated: The Fentanyl Crisis in St. Louis; harm reduction, opioid crisis, overdose epidemic

Contaminated: The Fentanyl Crisis in St. Louis

"Fentanyl is the defining drug of the overdose epidemic in St. Louis. It has no taste or smell, even a handful of it could kill thousands of people. It reaches into every corner of society, suburbs and cities, rich and poor, black and white. Many who become addicted have no idea they're even taking it and it's caused drug addiction in the region to spiral out of control. More than 70% of overdose deaths in the St. Louis area now involve fentanyl. We spent months looking into the local crisis. This story is told by recovering addicts, those fighting for change, and those left behind."
Screenshot from Britain's Drink Problem; Alcohol & Drinking Culture

Britain’s Drink Problem

Adrian Chiles wants to "know why this multi-billion pound industry [Britain's alcohol producers] is allowed to regulate itself - make up its own rules." He discusses with others, both professionals and average people, the profound impact that alcohol is having on the country.