A collection of resources that can help you learn more about addiction – the types of addictions, which treatments are available to help in recovery and more.

Screenshot from Brought Up By Booze: Growing Up With an Alcoholic Parent; Children of Addiction

Brought Up By Booze: Growing Up With An Alcoholic Parent

Professional footballer George Best's son, Calum, discusses his experience of growing up with an alcoholic parent and travels throughout the United Kingdom to meet with other young people to hear their stories as well. Calum wants to find out how parental drinking is affecting their lives and confront the impact that his father's addiction still has on him today.
Screenshot from Smashed: Breaking the Cycle of Alcohol Use Disorder featuring Dr. Jeff Harries

Smashed: Breaking the Cycle of Alcohol Use Disorder

"Dr. Jeff Harries, the founder of the Canadian Alcohol Use Disorder Society, has been working to ensure that AUD be understand and treated as a medical condition." He strongly believes that "people suffering from this disease should not be shamed or marginalized. His 20 years of experience in prescribing effective medications and spreading awareness of a more effective, compassionate approach has helped thousands of people to recover and heal." Unfortunately, his work was derailed when he was diagnosed with ALS in 2018. He passed in 2021.
Image of a Stomach from What Alcohol Does To Your Body; effects of alcohol on various body parts

What Alcohol Does to Your Body

This video by the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses "the pathway alcohol takes as it travels through your body." It covers the various organs and tissues that interact with alcohol and how a hangover occurs, as well as how alcohol can effect people differently. You'll see real cadavers (body parts) and it's really quite interesting.
Screenshot from Britain's Drink Problem; Alcohol & Drinking Culture

Britain’s Drink Problem

Adrian Chiles wants to "know why this multi-billion pound industry [Britain's alcohol producers] is allowed to regulate itself - make up its own rules." He discusses with others, both professionals and average people, the profound impact that alcohol is having on the country.